Our features

KPR software provides consistency in reporting, by using easy to follow templates with a date and time stamped photo feature, improving efficiency of service, and our automation helps with compliance and reminders.

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Monitor your agent-driven compliance such as Gas Safety Certificates, EPCs, and EICRs. Willis will also automatically track your report driven compliance from each midterm that you carry out. Updating and monitoring your smoke alarm, Co detector compliance, heat detector, etc. FFHH (Fit for Human Habitation) compliance is monitored and automatically updated every time you synchronise a KPR midterm report.

KPR does not restrict the amount of people who you give login details to. We offer one set price for unlimited users per agency branch. 

Tenant cloud account for useful information for the tenant. Upload tenancy documents, maintenance reporting feature, Self-assessment report, important tenancy dates, Inventory eSign, inventory approval with automated reminders over 7 days, 14 days if you are in Wales.

Store your contractor details insurance dates, registration dates/numbers and what trade. 

Maintenance issues can be reported by either the agent or tenant. These issues can then be sent direct to your chosen contractor. When actioned, they can either be closed via the hub or during the next inspection. 

Paperless system, with no print option on our software, as they can be emailed directly to property owners and tenants. Allows easy access of files using our safe and secure cloud-based storage system. Our software is also in dark mode, to conserve battery power

KPR covers all reports needed to manage your tenancy – Inventory – Check-in – Midterm – Check-out. All completed using our intuitive digital templates. 

KPR integrates with Third Party Software such as SME Professional, Agent OS, Reapit and Fixflo, with even more to come. 

2 Way communication between agent and tenant all fully audited and logged.

Willis sends tenants automated reminders to diarise, such as property visits, and inventory signing. Meaning you can focus on other important tasks within your agency. 

Every interaction via Willis is logged in your property audit trail, providing a valuable record of events for when the tenant checks out. 

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Key features

Our reports are the latest in midterm efficiency, featuring:

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