Fitness For Human Habitation (FFHH) Explained

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The FFHH (Fitness for Human Habitation) bill was heard on the 26th of October 2018. In short, it is an amendment of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, to require that residential rented accommodation be provided and maintained in a state of fitness for human habitation; to amend the Building Act 1984 to make provision about the liability for works on residential accommodation that do not comply with Building Regulations; and for connected purposes.

For rental properties, it is a legal requirement for both the social and private sector to be FFHH, which is assessed on:

• Repair
• Stability
• Freedom from damp
• Internal arrangement
• Natural lighting
• Ventilation
• Water Supply
• Drainage and sanitary conveniences
• Facilities for storing / preparing / cooking of food and disposal of wastewater If any one item on the above list fails, this will mean a failure for the whole FFHH assessment on the property.

How ‘Willis’ can help

Following agreement by both Houses on the text of the Bill, it received Royal Assent on 20 December 2018. The Bill is now an Act of Parliament (law). Therefore, KPR software launched Willis, which ensures agents are always fully FFHH compliant with automated scheduling and reminders. You can monitor your compliance such as Gas Safety Certificates, EPCs, and EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Report). Willis will also automatically track your report driven compliance from each midterm that you carry out. Updating and monitoring your smoke alarm, Co detector compliance, heat detector, etc. FFHH (Fit for Human Habitation) compliance is monitored and automatically updated every time you synchronise a KPR midterm report. Willis sends tenants automated reminders to diarise, such as property visits, and inventory signing. Meaning you can focus on other important tasks within your agency.

At KPR we understand the demands placed on agents to stay compliant, and strive to address the issues within the industry, so agents are protected with FFHH throughout the tenancy, without increasing their workload.



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